Ai Wei Wei

When looking into museums in China with an intent to compare and contrast them to American museums, I decided the most interesting point of comparison would be the handling and display of politically sensitive exhibitions. In China, two of the most politically sensitive issues are the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the Communist regime, and […]

Article 2: “Leftover Women”


This article talks about another group of people who have been often described by a Chinese slang term, 剩女 shèngnǚ. (Coincidentally, these people are basically the exact opposite of the diaosi from last week’s article.) This term translates directly as “leftover women”, and describes educated Chinese women who are in their mid- to late-twenties and still single. […]

Brave New World for Athletes The article I found is about the change in the culture of athletic training in China. It uses Tsinghua University as the model for the change and interviews several people from the university including someone on the fencing team. The previous model of state training for sports is brought under fire for several high […]

History and Globalization of Tai Chi Chuan

Statue of Zhang Sanfeng

Before, I had looked at an article reviewing the health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan.  Well, there are plenty more than just balance; overall Tai Chi can bring an individual strength, health, and peace of mind.  However, I feel I have yet to explore what Tai Chi actually is.  As explained in this article by […]

News Article #2

I am growing considered about the image of the people shown from China with tattoos. This article here gives an account of the “punk spreading” in Asia. Tattoos and other forms of body modification are one of the symbols. I wouldn’t be so worried about this, except the only articles on tattooing I can seem to […]

News Article Post 1

I’m excited about doing ethnographic research this summer. I wish I could have gone to Beijing a couple summers ago when there a huge tattoo convention in China. Here you can see some of the pictures and text from the convention. It would definitely have been an interesting place to go to see how Chinese society […]

Who Eats Dog Nowadays Anyway??


In a follow up to my last blog post about cultural food practices in China, I found an article from the “Winnipeg Free Press” that discussed the ethicality of eating dog.  For the past six centuries in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province a dog eating festival takes place where 5,000-10,000 canines are killed and consumed.  This […]

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Here is my second cell

The new Chinese “Middle Class”


When one talks about the American Dream, it seems it is most often characterized by images of average sized homes, white picket fences, two kids, a dog, and a new car in the driveway. And to most, this is a “middle class” lifestyle. The home isn’t a villa, and the car isn’t a Jaguar. However, […]

Starbucks and the Assimilation of American Culture

"In China, Starbucks is a place to sit back and relax."

Last week in my blog post I mentioned how rapidly Starbucks was developing and becoming a major industry in China (its second largest market exists in China!). I’ve decided that focusing specifically on Starbucks and not several different food chains would give my research better depth, so I’ve dropped Mcdonalds from the project. I just […]