Beijing Tattoo Culture


So, I have two questions that I would like to, and have every intention of being able to, explore this summer in Beijing. 1)      How are tattooed persons viewed in contemporary Chinese (specifically a district in Beijing) society? (e.g. are they viewed as having a lower social standing? Is a youth phenomenon, in that it […]

Summer Project Proposal


For my project, I will be exploring the ways in which western brands market themselves in China and the buying trends that exist, especially with the Chinese youth (16-25). I want to focus on how these western brands portray themselves to the customers and how these customers perceive these brands. One of my key interests […]

A Comparative Study of Social Networks and the Adaptations to Censorship:

Social Networks

The topic I chose to focus my research on is social networking. I intend to do a comparative study of the Chinese adaptations of popular social networks and the social networks themselves. I will be comparing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Renren, Weibo and Youku.  Renren is often regarded as the Chinese Facebook. Weibo is […]

Perception: The Lens to identity

Introduction  Over the course of a three week period, I along with a Chinese student named Gloria were tasked with exploring two films native to our culture that shared similar themes. During our first conversation,  we decided  to pursue the theme “Coming of Age”, as we both seemed to have a mutual knowledge of films […]

Project Proposal


I have to admit, I still haven’t nailed down all the details for this project. It’s proving difficult (at least, for me and my sub-par researching skills) to find much background information on my topic, and I’m not entirely sure of what the best way to collect information during the ethnographic research portion of this […]

A New way of Thinking Kungfu Panda : Orientalism


It is quite amazing when you think of how technology has changed everything. Even though I’ve never met Jia Li in real life, during the few hours that we spent over Skype has been fun and interesting. When I first had a conversation with her it was a mixed feeling. While I like to talk […]

Project Proposal


As I have slowly developed my research topic over the course of this class, made it more detailed, focused my topic of focus, I find this chance to write a practical proposal a timely opportunity.  When I began this project, I immediately knew what topic I wanted to research, abnormal psychology in other cultures.  I […]

Project Proposal

The beginning stages of this research project has proved far more challenging than I had initially expected.  While I was most intimidated by the project’s open-ended nature at first, I am now beginning to come across other obstacles I hadn’t originally anticipated.  Establishing contact with people in China has been extremely difficult (no success thus […]

My Research Project

Chinese Steve Jobs

I have had to switch my project plan recently. While I will still be studying Chinese Business Culture and Ethics, I will be looking into a more specific part of it: “Copycat” or Shanzai culture. As many people have noticed, Copycat Culture is very prevalent in China and some call it an impediment on Chinese […]

Research Proposal

Indian Embassy restaurants

India-China Relations in a Microcosm: Ethnographic Study of the Environment in an Indian Restaurant in Beijing China and India, world’s two most populous nations, are gaining influence in today’s global politics and international affairs. In fact, China and India are quite similar: they are both driven economically and are growing nations in terms of science […]