Conclusions on Chinese Philosophical Thought


  Introduction My initial interest in conducting cultural ethnography in Beijing was in researching the interactions of ballroom dance and modesty specifically as an aspect of Chinese moral philosophy. As such, with the aid of professor Wilcox I was able to select a ballroom dance studio in Beijing to attend lessons at as my field […]

Final Project: Conspicuous Consumption at Xidan

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By all reports and numbers, the Chinese economy is experiencing meteoric growth.  After the 改革开放(Gaigekaifang)- the opening of China to the rest of the world and foreign investment- China’s economy has grown to become one of the largest in the world. Hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty, and an entirely […]

Avant-Garde Theatre and China’s Sociopolitical and Economic Struggle


Introduction Deep in the Hutong district, a hub for the cultural melting pot that is today’s Beijing, exists a small converted playhouse café combination named PengHao (蓬蒿). The outside of the building, originally a Hutong or traditional Chinese place of residence, features a mural of blue human silhouettes and a small sign shaped like a […]

Understanding Chinese Perceptions of India and Indians


Introduction After two months of conducting research in China, I have honestly understood and learned a lot from the people here. This research started off as mere study of my interactions with the Chinese people, but it turned into an elaborate study of where their perceptions of India originated and why these perceptions are being held. […]

Final Project Presentation: Economic Relativity


The Holiday Inn located in 北京 Haidian District is a large, luxurious hotel that caters to clients with both business and leisure agendas. After several complete evolutions of my research topic, this was my final field site– the location from which I would gather the majority of my fieldwork regarding the tourism and hospitality industry. American-Chinese […]

I Tattooed and So Can You

The finished product! After over 8 hours of tattooing in less than 24 hours the entire piece was completed.

Back home I come from a fairly liberal family in terms of body art and expression, all but one of my siblings has at least one tattoo and all the girls have multiple piercings. More often than not I have accompanied my siblings to the different tattoo parlors to get their respective work done, I […]

Zhongguancun Final Project

I researched at the "Dinghao Electronic Mansion."

Introduction In China, selling fake or Copycat (模仿者的, mofangzhede) electronics is a legitimate industry.  While I originally thought Zhongguancun (中关村) would be full of small vendors and poor imitations, I soon learned that the employees in Zhongguancun are corporate employees, the stores are parts of networks, and the products, even though fake, are mass produced […]