Conspicuous Consumption

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  After several more interviews and visits to Xidan, I have been able to get a better grasp on what separates the different Xidan shopping malls. The applicable term can be applied to almost all of modern China’s commercial culture: conspicuous consumption. As my interviews and observations have shown me, the difference between shopping and […]


What (hopefully) real ones look like.

Last week I had my most interesting trip to Zhongguancun yet.  A booth manager told me specifically how to tell the difference between fake and real headphones.  Specifically Beats headphones which can range from $150 to about $300 in the US (900-1800 Kuai).  This experience led to an answer to two questions: Why is it […]

The Adaptability of Starbucks


  In order to provide the reader with a full understanding of the ideas and analysis presented within this post, a brief description of the data I gathered at my field sites (Starbucks located near ZhongGuanCun and WuDaoKou ) is fundamental.  My first step is to accurately describe my interviews and observations. Through discussing these […]

Blog Post 2: Controversial Topics in Inner Mongolia


    Last weekend, our study abroad program took a trip to Inner Mongolia to tour Hohhot and the grassland. While in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia’s capitol, we had the opportunity to visit two museums, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Museum and the Governor’s residence. Although both museums, like many others, tended to avoid the sort […]

Research Update #2

Performance in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

After six weeks into research, I have interviewed over 20 participants about their views on India and Indians. Overall, the results from the interviews have varied from a participant having a positive, well-read view of Sino-India relations, to a participant having a negative or even no view of Sino-India relations. These interviews have been a […]

Blog Post #2; Bringing it all together


My research has two main dynamics. The first: the concrete aspect of hotel relativity. Simply, how does the Holiday Inn in the Haidian District of Beijing compare to that of an American Holiday Inn? To make the parallel as close as possible, I am using the Holiday Inn of Manhattan West Side, New York city […]