The Scarcity of Chinese Soccer

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I am conducting my field research at Beijing University of Geosciences, which is more commonly referred to as  地大.  地大is located relatively close to Tsinghua; biking from Tsinghua to 地大 usually takes between twenty to thirty minutes depending on traffic.  I chose this university because of Fang Laoshi’s advice.  I was told that the fields […]

Starbucks and the Concept of “Leisure”


My designated field site for collecting data on the attraction of Western consumer culture towards Chinese society is none other than the well-known multinational corporation Starbucks. Over the past decade this massive coffee shop chain has been rapidly expanding, spreading its reaches further and further across the globe, especially East Asia. To provide a clearer […]

Communication and Interpretation


As I was preparing to start my field work in China, I found myself apprehensive.  I had a carefully planned, psychology oriented study of depression.  Fate however, had other plans.  As I realized more and more that I would be unable to progress with said project, I began to search for alternatives.  When I began […]

大开眼界- Three Weeks into Research

Indian Restaurant in Wudaokou

With the changing dynamics between India and China, I believe it is important that the bond between these two countries must be properly analysed. While it is mostly that the country’s government takes actions in multiple areas, it is also important to see how the people view this bond. India and China’s relationship has often […]

What I Have Learned So Far…


    My research site is the “Silicon Valley” of China, otherwise known as Zhongguancun.  It is a large area in Northwest Beijing only a few miles away from Tsinghua University.  It is also the birthplace of Lenovo as well as home to companies like Microsoft.  Zhongguancun is one of the best places to buy electronic […]

Blog Post 1: Propoganda’s inherent Contradictions


  For my fieldwork research project, I chose to examine how the Chinese government presents information about politically controversial topics through museums, and how museum goers interact with this information. I chose my field site due to China’s oft-criticized censorship program, which creates voids of information about events such as the great leap forward that […]

Blog Post #1: The Hilton–内外


After weeks of pre-departure indecision about where and on what exactly I wanted to conduct my economic relativity fieldwork, I have narrowed my search down to Hilton Hotels– with my specific site being located in Wangfujing. Though this company was always on my list, after we attended a W&M conference there, I decided it would be […]