Organization and Governance of Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) in China

US Department of Education Structure
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The idea for this final project came to me during our visit to Shaanxi Normal University.  Prior to this, at Beijing Normal University, Dr. Baocum gave us a presentation on comparative education detailing the history of Higher Education in China.  He spoke about the need for higher education reform in China, identifying the need for […]

The Clash of Old and New: Chinese Students’ Perceptions of Learning in the English Language Classroom

Cultural Dimensions - China vs. U.S.

The Clash of Old and New: Chinese Students’ Perceptions of Learning in the English Language Classroom  I remember when I was in college, my [English] teacher always focused on the vocabulary, the grammar, and you know, we Chinese students can all get higher scores on the English examination, but we can’t speak very fluent English, […]

Study Abroad and Internationalization in China

Leslie and I with students at Shaanxi Normal University. We interviewed them in the second half of sitting in on their Sociology of Higher Education class.

When I approached this final project, I knew I wanted to do something related to study abroad in China. I began wondering why Chinese students want to study abroad, what their goals are, and what the focus on study abroad is from a Chinese administrator point of view. I knew that in the United States, […]

Does Addiction Follow You Around the World?

KTV Studio--Karaoke Nation

As a counseling student, my focus of study is on addictions. I saw my trip to China as a unique opportunity to see how different cultures view the concept of an addiction. Do they see addiction as a disease? Is addiction a well-known problem? Do they have counselors to help people battle their addictions? What […]

Global Higher Education: Academic Integrity in China


Overview In an Op-Ed article, “The Question of Corruption in Academe”, Philip Altbach (2004) explores the countless example of misconduct in higher education.  He challenges his colleagues by saying “the academic community itself must understand that without integrity and meritocracy there can be no true university.” In essence he says that as a discipline we […]

Changing Attitudes. Saving Lives.


Mental Health in China – By J. Richelle Joe As a Counselor Education student, I viewed China through a counseling lens. I traveled with the distinct purpose of understanding the nature of the mental health profession in the country, wondering what commonalities existed between counselor education and practice in China and in the United States. […]

Are Students Prepared for the Future?- Jess Hench


Are Students Prepared for the Future?      A Comparison of Graduate Programs in China and the United States by Jess Hench   Significant differences exist between the structure and nature of higher education in the United States and China.  Differences include the role of standardized tests, the pedagogy used in the classroom, the underlying beliefs […]