A look into China’s Past


I’m still very unsure as to what exactly I want to research while I am abroad in China. Performing ethnographic research in Beijing is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I just really hope to make the most of it.  On my previous blog post, I wrote about two project proposals. In this blog […]

Fieldwork Plan

Recently, China is constantly held up as the pinnacle of modernization, with seemingly every story obsessing about technology, development, a new highrise or a new economic breakthrough. As wonderful as modern technology is, today’s modern China seems bent on glossing over almost four thousand years of rich cultural history. Although China’s official party line is […]

The Wealth of Information

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Ethnographic fieldwork is, admittedly, a new idea to me. However, I’m extremely excited to become immersed in the Chinese culture, observe and record my experiences. Coming up with an aspect within which to do this ethnographic research has been a matter I have been pondering for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I have been unable […]

Something New


你们好! My name is Lewam Kefela. I am a sophomore here at the College of William and Mary. Currently majoring in Economics and Business. I am Eritrean but I was born and raised in Kenya. I love traveling and do so quite often, however, I have never been to China, and I’m excited about the […]

Lauren Su

Self Portrait

Lauren Su is a Sophomore at the College and is currently a Film Studies major and an Accounting minor. Ever since she was very young, she was always interested in French and Italian film. However, despite her Chinese heritage, her knowledge of Asian cinema is very poor and she hopes to learn more about the vibrant […]

Shig Konishi


Shig Konishi is a junior at the College of William and Mary pursuing a major in Finance with a concentration in Process Management and Consulting. Originally from Fairfax, VA, Shig is a Japanese-American who is fluent and literate in Japanese and proficient in Chinese. He is a brother of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, a […]