Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting!


  Drunken Master (1978) Director: Yuen Woo-Ping Cast: Jackie Chan, Yuen Siu-tien, Hwang Jang Lee Country: China Language: Cantonese Plot: Wong Fei-hung is a jokester Chinese martial arts student in Hong Kong. Due to his arrogance in his skillful fighting, he is constantly fighting others in the streets. After escaping from a punishment from his […]

It’s Amazing We Can Live in Da Same Place ♪: Racial Enmity in Film (and in Life)

Before discussing the race in the two films, I want you to take a second to listen to the song—it’s the answer, at least in my opinion. Listen, and hold your thoughts until the end. Hawai`i is often described as both raceless and racist due to the close proximity and quiet tension between its multitudes […]

Final Project – Will Mai

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Body Language: Lifeblood of Dialogue   My partner and I chose to watch two similar thriller movies: Blood Mountain and The Grey.     Both of us watched the movies without subtitles I don’t have any knowledge of the Chinese language… Something interesting ensued.   I explained what I thought happened in the movie to […]

The Burden of Adaptation- Filial Piety and Cross-cultural Communication through Film

Ang Lee's cinematography frames the conflict between Master Chu (left) and Martha (right).

by Gibson Haynes In conjunction with Kevin Wang Chen, a 3rd year student majoring in English at Beijing Normal University, I viewed the films Pushing Hands and The Joy Luck Club. Although one film is Taiwanese and the other American, both catalogue the experiences of Chinese people living in America. Through our discussions, we investigated […]

Black Swan and Farewell My Concubine: Blurring Reality and Illusion in the Name of Art


External link: http://crossculturalfilmproject.wordpress.com/       Both Black Swan, a 2010 film by American director Darren Aronofsky, and Farewell My Concubine, a 1993 film by Chinese director Chen Kaige, share a central concern with the power of art. In Black Swan, the creative medium of choice is ballet, as the movie follows the exploits and […]

For the Love of Crazy


Lyn Lu and I live over 10,000 miles apart, but thanks to the unreliable, slow, virus-ridden software we know as Skype, we were able to get to know each other. This is the 21st century, where reading books is for old people and it’s not weird to take pictures of your food. I don’t even […]

Subjective Plot and Cultural Understanding

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When one thinks of means of long distance communication one thinks of email, telephones, text messages, Skype, and the increasingly anachronistic hand written letter. Modern means have shortened lines of logistics to the extent that students like myself take it for granted that, as I settle in with a cup of tea against the backdrop […]

Cross-Cultural Understanding Through War Films


The Films The Boy in the Striped Pajamas This film revolves around young Bruno, the son of a Nazi officer during the time of the Holocaust. When Bruno’s father is promoted, the family moves from Berlin to the countryside. Bruno is limited in his movement; he is told to stay away from the back side of […]

Finding Cross-Cultural Understanding in Tragic Love Stories

'Titanic', which takes place in 1912, takes on themes ranging from class stratification to technology.

Film and new media can serve as a tool for cross-cultural understanding. The inherent visual experience of film allows viewers to “see” another culture in action. The storytelling aspect of film shows the viewer the values of the culture, the cultural norms and behaviors, and how people deal with conflict in that culture. Discussing films […]

Seasonal Romance: Cultural Understanding through Chinese and American Romantic Comedies

Introduction For my project, I worked together with two sophomore English majors from Beijing Normal University, Li “Lisa” Yalu and Yang “Vire” Ke. We quickly discovered we had a lot in common – we were all studying Japanese, and we all loved Japanese television programs. When the conversation moved to films, however, we found even […]