Heroes in Film & The Cross-Cultural Experience


Introduction Over the course of the last few weeks, I had the opportunity to exchange conversations via Skype with Jane Chai and Yang Mei, two students studying English at the Beijing Normal University.  During our first conversation, we got to know each other a little better and discussed our interests, favorite films as children (we […]

A New way of Thinking Kungfu Panda : Orientalism


It is quite amazing when you think of how technology has changed everything. Even though I’ve never met Jia Li in real life, during the few hours that we spent over Skype has been fun and interesting. When I first had a conversation with her it was a mixed feeling. While I like to talk […]

Love: A Cross-Cultural Understanding.

Meet the Partners To break the ice between the group I asked the following questions which I hope for you to keep in mind as you examine our different points of view. 1.    Tell us about yourself 2.    What were your favorite films growing up (can be from any country) 3.    What […]

Death, Immortality, and Cross-Cultural Exchange: Death is the Road to Awe

Conquistador death scene

When starting this project, I was hesitant.  I am not a naturally outgoing person and was worried about making contact with my students.  When I sat down for my first conversation, I was initially very nervous.  The students, however, put me at ease and, despite the occasional awkwardness and technology problems, I enjoyed talking to […]

Eat Drink Man Woman & The Ice Storm: the In-between Culture

EDMW-opening scene

Yuezhong Zheng(郑悦中)&  Yingqi She (佘颖绮) A short video made by Yingqi(Sarah) to introduce herself and her college        We are the “In-between” viewers: how we chose the films? Yingqi and I are both from China, so we both  have more understanding of our own culture. I was born and raised in china, and was largely […]

Comparing familial relationships and character development in Chinese and American films


For our final project blog post Christine and I will be focusing on a couple of the most interesting points which came out of our conversations, namely a discussion of the differences in familial relationships and character development as portrayed in Chinese and American films and how they relate to differences in the two cultures. […]

Religion and Spirituality Through Film: A Cross-Cultural Dialogue


I live halfway around the world from Chen Jie (Lavender) and Chu Mengmeng (Vanessa). We are different in so many ways: we come from vastly different cultures, eat different foods, come from differnt family backgrounds, and even have different values. However, as we spoke over Skype, I realized just how similar we really are. We […]

On Culture Shock and Culture Clash: It’s Really Not Cute To Be Stuck in Your Ways

It's obvious how Alex is a bit worn down by his wife and father's competition for his attention.

While more and more people today are able to be introduced to other cultures through through first-hand experiences (i.e. interracial/cultural marriages/relationships, moving to a new region/country), there are those people who can’t quite get their minds opened up enough to adapt to any sudden and changing situations that could arise. As a result, drama starts, […]

Self-Creation: The Way Film Both Creates and Informs Our Own Cultural Identity

Film is often considered merely as a form of  popular entertainment. People can watch films to indulge in a form of escapism, where their own problems are forgotten for a two hour period to engage in the stories and tribulations of fictional characters. What is not often considered is film’s power as an expression of […]

Humor transcending Cultures: A Commentary on Cross-Cultural Communication


My partner Daisy and I chose the films Lost in Thailand and Hangover 2 due to our mutual fondness for the comedy genre. Our objective was to see if humor could transcend different cultures. We wanted to see what each other laughed at and how relatable the humor was, given our different cultural backgrounds. Why […]