Miscellaneous Reflection 2: Summary


Now that I’m back in the US, it’s time to look back on the whole of my trip to China. Unfortunately, it’s one of those experiences that goes by slowly, but then is over far too soon. I really enjoyed the trip, and I look forward to going back to China one day, whether for […]

The Walled City

Way back when, in our first excursion out to Shanxi, we had the opportunity to visit the ancient walled city of Pingyao Pingyao was fascinating.  As you can see from the video, the walls are classic stone fortifications, backed by a thick layer of earth.  Inside, most, if not all structures are also stone.  And […]

Miscellaneous Journal #3 – Three Visits to a Thatched Cottage

No matter how quickly China races to some undefined goal of progress, I don’t think it will ever lose sight of its cultural heritage. The afternoon of my last Tuesday in Beijing, I went to Maliandao Tea Market to bring back some souvenirs for my family and myself. Inside a blank, gray, industrial highrise, I […]

Miscellaneous Journal #2 – The Inner Mongolian Steppe


The Mongolian Steppe Over the course of my stay in Beijing, I feel like I have become more and more assimilated into an increasingly drab urban life. Every morning, when I check the weather, I look out the window and am pleasantly shocked if I can see more than a hundred feet out of my […]

“We’re Not In China In Anymore!”


Chinese is a very difficult language to learn, as I am sure we all know. What you would not expect however, is apparently after seven weeks of being surrounded by people speaking Chinese, you find speaking English difficult. For instance, using grammatically incorrect structures like “You’re going where?” to a stranger on the plane. So […]

Burger King


It took me  a little over an hour to navigate the subway system and emerge from the underground into Guomao. Guomao is an essential location for my fieldwork as well as home to China’s World Trade Center. I was so happy to see not only the sun (after dodging around what seemed to be thousands […]

Avatar vs. Aftershock


    Watching Aftershock was fairly rewarding. One of the main points of this course was to gain cultural understanding through the medium of film, and I believe this assignment was to that end. My partner, Lucia, chose a film that I felt to be exemplary of a variety of traits which were worth examining […]

Skype as Cross-Cultural Communication: Dangers, Limitations, and Benefits


Skype: Dangers, Limitations, and Benefits   For our final project, we used Skype to converse with Chinese partners half way across the globe. We discussed American and Chinese films and cultural differences such as dorm arrangements and Saturday classes. Learning through these Skype conversations, we were able to conclude our study of East Asian culture […]

Project Proposal: Perspectives of Tai Chi

Tai Chi in Beijing

I am very excited to begin researching Tai Chi in China.  However, “Tai Chi” is a broad subject.  The martial art itself has multiple schools, multiple forms, and multiple legacies.  So then, what will I be researching? I am not necessarily researching Tai Chi per say.  What I am researching is individuals’ perspectives of Tai […]

Responsibility of a Generation: Using Media Effectively to Understand Many Facets of Culture

Margaret cambell

My partner, Luo Yu (aka Cinderalla), proposed that we talk about the responsibility of a generation and suggested The Grandmasters to me. I really appreciated her suggestion because this was a movie about the generation who inspired Bruce Lee. Being raised in a family full of Bruce Lee fans, I was really eager in learning […]