Eat Drink Man Woman & The Ice Storm: the In-between Culture

EDMW-opening scene

Yuezhong Zheng(郑悦中)&  Yingqi She (佘颖绮) A short video made by Yingqi(Sarah) to introduce herself and her college        We are the “In-between” viewers: how we chose the films? Yingqi and I are both from China, so we both  have more understanding of our own culture. I was born and raised in china, and was largely […]

April Zheng

Yuezhong(April) Zheng is a freshman at the College of William and Mary. She is an international student from Fuzhou, China. This is her first time studying abroad.  She is a member of W&M Women’s Chorus and an active member of the sWiM Club. This semester, she works at the Logistics/Special Events Committee of W&M Global […]