Global Higher Education: Academic Integrity in China


Overview In an Op-Ed article, “The Question of Corruption in Academe”, Philip Altbach (2004) explores the countless example of misconduct in higher education.  He challenges his colleagues by saying “the academic community itself must understand that without integrity and meritocracy there can be no true university.” In essence he says that as a discipline we […]

Educational Interviews- Faculty and Student Perspectives (China and USA)


As I reflect on this trip to China, it reminds me of my first international trip some two decades ago. Like then, my goal for moving to London was rooted in learning, professional growth and development.  Although my primary objectives were framed in learning the operational structure of different healthcare systems, little did I know […]

Educational Cultural Artifacts

Shanghai – Ming Dynasty – Dragon Wall Yu Garden – is a 5 headed dragon wall. Each Dragon only has 4 claws to avoid offending the 5 claw dragon of the Emperor. The Education Connection is the Imperial examination system. During the Ming Dynasty great attention was given to the administrative procedures and the tests […]

Sean L. Bates


My name is Sean Bates and I’m a native of Richmond, Virginia. After graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Health Services Administration, I worked and lived in London England for nearly a year, working as Assistant Service Manager (Hospital Administrator) for St. Luke’s Hospital, one of the oldest psychiatric hospitals in the […]