Zhongguancun Final Project

I researched at the "Dinghao Electronic Mansion."

Introduction In China, selling fake or Copycat (模仿者的, mofangzhede) electronics is a legitimate industry.  While I originally thought Zhongguancun (中关村) would be full of small vendors and poor imitations, I soon learned that the employees in Zhongguancun are corporate employees, the stores are parts of networks, and the products, even though fake, are mass produced […]


What (hopefully) real ones look like.

Last week I had my most interesting trip to Zhongguancun yet.  A booth manager told me specifically how to tell the difference between fake and real headphones.  Specifically Beats headphones which can range from $150 to about $300 in the US (900-1800 Kuai).  This experience led to an answer to two questions: Why is it […]

Using English as a weapon…

Zhongguancun shops.

When we first got to China, we were told that we should use our Chinese as much as possible so we could improve.  We were all proud we knew Chinese while other foreigners didn’t and we all loved the look of surprise on peoples’ faces when we spoke to them in Chinese.  We broke a […]

Learning Experiences

Jared and Adam attempting to ride a bike.

Studying abroad in Beijing has been a learning experience.  No one here has progressed much in a single day but, looking back to the beginning of our trip, I’ve noticed some significant changes. I, personally, am much more confident using the little bit of Chinese I do know.  I also feel adjusted to living in […]

What I Have Learned So Far…


    My research site is the “Silicon Valley” of China, otherwise known as Zhongguancun.  It is a large area in Northwest Beijing only a few miles away from Tsinghua University.  It is also the birthplace of Lenovo as well as home to companies like Microsoft.  Zhongguancun is one of the best places to buy electronic […]

My Research Project

Chinese Steve Jobs

I have had to switch my project plan recently. While I will still be studying Chinese Business Culture and Ethics, I will be looking into a more specific part of it: “Copycat” or Shanzai culture. As many people have noticed, Copycat Culture is very prevalent in China and some call it an impediment on Chinese […]

China and California


This week,California’s Governor, Jerry Brown will be traveling China to sell the Chinese on investing in California.  The article I read (here), says that he will be traveling to major cities including Shanghai and Beijing in order to increase Chinese investments in California (currently, California gets only 1.6% of Chinese investments abroad). Gov. Brown will also […]

Apple in China

Apple in China

  On March 15, CCTV hosted a  television special for International Consumer Rights day on (what they claimed to be) some of the worst companies for consumers in China.  One of the companies on that list was Apple.  This article summarizes the issue while this one offers some analysis on why CCTV might have chosen to highlight Apple. […]

Business in China

Hopefully this will be me.

I mentioned before that my plan after college is to combine my two majors into a career.  While we’re in Beijing, I want to get a jump on that and have a research project that combines both Chinese and Business.  I want to do something that I find interesting but will also give me a […]

欧瑞昂 (Ou Ruiang) Bio

Ryan Olstein Photo

          My name is Ryan (欧瑞昂) and I am a sophomore at William and Mary.  I am from Wilton, CT and a Chinese and accounting double major.  On campus, I am a member of the rugby team (Our website), Kappa Delta Rho, and Someone You Know.  I am very excited to be […]