Comparing familial relationships and character development in Chinese and American films


For our final project blog post Christine and I will be focusing on a couple of the most interesting points which came out of our conversations, namely a discussion of the differences in familial relationships and character development as portrayed in Chinese and American films and how they relate to differences in the two cultures. […]

The Last Samurai Section 1


Introduction “The Last Samurai” is the story of Nathan Algren, an American  Army captain who is haunted by his previous military experiences fighting Native Americans. He becomes a mercenary for the Japanese Emperor and agrees to help train Japan’s new, modern army in the face of samurai rebellion. The untrained troops are overwhelmed in their […]

Matt Snyder


Matt Snyder is a senior Biology major and East Asian Studies minor at William and Mary. He enjoys nature, reading (mostly short story collections), cooking, and watching movies with his friends, often hoping that his love of foreign films will eventually rub off on them. He also volunteers in the Millington greenhouse and the ISC […]