Leaving Beijing


The last two days in Beijing went by like a breeze. It was actually very sad to have to leave all of my classmates and new friends at the end of our two month experience together. We made a ton of memories together ( like dancing in Inner Mongolia with little kids after a lightening/thunder […]

I Tattooed and So Can You

The finished product! After over 8 hours of tattooing in less than 24 hours the entire piece was completed.

Back home I come from a fairly liberal family in terms of body art and expression, all but one of my siblings has at least one tattoo and all the girls have multiple piercings. More often than not I have accompanied my siblings to the different tattoo parlors to get their respective work done, I […]

Words ‘N Stuff

interview 2

At the tattoo shop there are two different kinds of writings that add meaning to the field site: the first are the writings in the tattoo books that have interviews and other information about tattoos in the shop; the other one is the writing that is on the wall, the life motto of Mr. Wu […]


hou hai burn

So I have now been to hou hai three times: once dying the day with the entire group, once in the late afternoon with my language partner and Maria and Leah, and once at night with the group for swat was supposed to be dinner and dancing util we got rained out. However, even though […]

Tattoo Culture Site Update


For most people the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions the word “tattoo parlor” is not a tea set. Usually, and recently in the past tattoos and the people who have them have not been associated with standard contributors of society, but more with gangs, violence, and other “shady” activities. There are […]

Beijing Tattoo Culture


So, I have two questions that I would like to, and have every intention of being able to, explore this summer in Beijing. 1)      How are tattooed persons viewed in contemporary Chinese (specifically a district in Beijing) society? (e.g. are they viewed as having a lower social standing? Is a youth phenomenon, in that it […]

News Article #2

I am growing considered about the image of the people shown from China with tattoos. This article here gives an account of the “punk spreading” in Asia. Tattoos and other forms of body modification are one of the symbols. I wouldn’t be so worried about this, except the only articles on tattooing I can seem to […]

News Article Post 1

I’m excited about doing ethnographic research this summer. I wish I could have gone to Beijing a couple summers ago when there a huge tattoo convention in China. Here you can see some of the pictures and text from the convention. It would definitely have been an interesting place to go to see how Chinese society […]

Possible Project Proposal

For a while I’ve been interested in tattooing and different forms of body art and modification. I’m still saving up for my first tattoo, but I do have a few piercing and I’m looking to get a few more. I’ve had a nose piercing, monroe, cartilage, and two in each of my ear lobes. I’ve been […]

Megan Wells Bio

This is me!

我的中文名字是卫美妍。我学中文。My English name is Megan Wells and I am a sophomore at the College of William & Mary. However, I am considering graduating a year early, and possibly do some travelling. For most of my life I have lived in Virginia, with a brief period living in South Carolina. I am the youngest of three kids […]