“We’re Not In China In Anymore!”


Chinese is a very difficult language to learn, as I am sure we all know. What you would not expect however, is apparently after seven weeks of being surrounded by people speaking Chinese, you find speaking English difficult. For instance, using grammatically incorrect structures like “You’re going where?” to a stranger on the plane. So […]

Living Online: Are Social Networks the Next Ecosystem In China?

Look Around

Anecdote: An Online Life is An Easier Life    While I was in Bridge Café, I decided to use the “Look Around” application on Wechat for my research project. This application, which I will explain in more detail later, allows you to converse with strangers using Weixin near your location. I accept the request to chat […]

A world of whimsy


A few weeks ago, I went to an acrobatic show near San litun. To say it was amazing is a complete and utter understatement. Yet I find myself completely at a loss to describe it. Thus I hope my media will be adequate to help you share my experience. The stage was beautiful and intricately […]

An Affair to Remember


When we talked about models in class, I mentioned that my model for our group would be the first day of kindergarten. As I boarded the plane on my way to Beijing, I remember thinking, what on earth am I doing? When I first mentioned wanting to come to China, my family was under the […]

Weixin: The Next Chapter?

Receiving messages from people around me. Offered option to accept or reject them.

Having done research and asking people about which social networks they use and why, I must note the prominence of Wechat or Weixin in China. Wechat is a cellphone based text and voice messaging service that was developed by a Chinese investment holding company named Tencent Holdings. They also own QQ, another popular instant messaging […]

Let’s Be “Friends”

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My field site alternates between the real world and the virtual world of social networking, thus my field site’s physical location changes every week. To observe real world interactions, I decided to first go to the San litun area in a mall named Tai Koo Li. It is a high-end mall populated with mainly designer […]

A Comparative Study of Social Networks and the Adaptations to Censorship:

Social Networks

The topic I chose to focus my research on is social networking. I intend to do a comparative study of the Chinese adaptations of popular social networks and the social networks themselves. I will be comparing Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to Renren, Weibo and Youku.  Renren is often regarded as the Chinese Facebook. Weibo is […]

Weibo: The Chinese Twitter Story

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Restrictions on international websites in China has banned the use of social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter. As a result, China has adapted and come up with its own social networks. Renren is thought to be the ” Chinese Facebook” while Weibo is China’s version of twitter. Although the basic platforms appear the […]

The Power of Information versus Blissful Ignorance


There have long been Chinese rules and regulations. New rules were enacted in late 2012, requiring that Internet users provide their real names to their service providers. The government also increased the responsibility of Internet service  providers to disclose and delete any prohibited information posted on the internet. This was all done to ensure that […]

The Wealth of Information

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Ethnographic fieldwork is, admittedly, a new idea to me. However, I’m extremely excited to become immersed in the Chinese culture, observe and record my experiences. Coming up with an aspect within which to do this ethnographic research has been a matter I have been pondering for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I have been unable […]