Final lunch with 曹荣


  Yesterday was the last day of Beijing Summer Study Abroad 2013. However, since my flight is actually scheduled to take off later today I was able to schedule in one last meeting with my language partner, 曹荣 (Cao2 Rong2). I’d asked her to take me to a kind of restaurant special to China, somewhere […]

Conclusions on Chinese Philosophical Thought


  Introduction My initial interest in conducting cultural ethnography in Beijing was in researching the interactions of ballroom dance and modesty specifically as an aspect of Chinese moral philosophy. As such, with the aid of professor Wilcox I was able to select a ballroom dance studio in Beijing to attend lessons at as my field […]

Cultural Anthropology


The word culture is defined as the quality in a society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. It can also be defined as the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social,ethnic, or age group. The definition of the term cultural, in turn, is that which relates to culture. Anthropology is defined as the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind. The word belief, present in both definitions, enumerates a major theme shared by both terms. Cultural anthropology aims to identify […]

Chinese Internet Celebrities


So I don’t know about the rest of my peers on this trip, but one of the things I miss the most about home is Youtube. From following my favorite youtuber’s newest videos to searching music and my favorite movie clips, I feel very much cut off from one of my main sources of entertainment […]



  My feild site is located in the 舞燃情 dance studio behind the 海淀 theatre, about three subway stops away from the 五道口 station. I chose this site in order to get a better idea of what the general philosophical viewpoint towards modesty and its interactions in ballroom dance is in China.   As one […]

Avatar vs. Aftershock


    Watching Aftershock was fairly rewarding. One of the main points of this course was to gain cultural understanding through the medium of film, and I believe this assignment was to that end. My partner, Lucia, chose a film that I felt to be exemplary of a variety of traits which were worth examining […]

Philosophy and Ballroom Dancing

Ethical Philosophy My biggest question for those that I may come across while in Beijing is about their take on traditional Confucian values. First of all, what exactly are these Confucian values? Who abides by them? And how exactly are those beliefs applied in life? I want to investigate how these ideas compare with western […]

Ideas for Field Project

Just brainstorming some possibilites What is the nightlife of the average college student at Tsinghua University? What is the range, median, and mode of evening time recreational activities of Tsinghua students during the week, on weekends, and on holidays? How do they compare to that of the average William and Mary student? What is noticeable […]

Leah Marty Bio


Hay guise My name’s Leah. I’m excited to study abroad in Beijing! 我的中文名字叫李娜。我很喜欢学习中国。

Leah Marty


Leah Marty is a sophomore intending to double major in Chinese and Business at the College of William and Mary. She enjoys participating in Ballroom Dance Club, Metal Club, and working off campus at World Champion Tae Kwon Do. Originally from Virginia Beach, she began her study of Chinese at the Global Studies and World Languages […]