Elephant Help


The world’s largest land animal is now endangered because ivory tusks are worth enough for there to be an international black market evolving solely around them. Sure, there are “laws” and “policies” to help out the African Elephants, but weak governments combined with poachers who easily skirt around the regulations make for an black market […]

Research Raving


Flying across the world. Studying at Tsinghua. Researching in the great city of Beijing. The possibilities are unlimited and a little overwhelming. There are so many subjects that interest me, that narrowing down even my preferences is difficult.  I want to find a good combination of researching something I am passionate about as well as […]

All about Kaye Benner (毕凯悦)

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你好,朋友们! 这是我的一个博客文章。我是毕凯悦! Hey Guys! My name is Kaye Benner. I’m a sophomore at William and Mary and currently in the process of getting my International Relations and Economics double-major. As a farm girl, I never had the opportunity to travel much, so you can imagine the anxiety I’m feeling about my plane taking off for […]