Final Project Presentation: Economic Relativity


The Holiday Inn located in 北京 Haidian District is a large, luxurious hotel that caters to clients with both business and leisure agendas. After several complete evolutions of my research topic, this was my final field site– the location from which I would gather the majority of my fieldwork regarding the tourism and hospitality industry. American-Chinese […]

Adaptation & Motorcycles


Though I won’t deny that I have been thoroughly out of my comfort zone since getting off the plane on June 13th, 7 weeks here in China have flown by and I have adapted to my Beijing life. I’m no longer phased by stares, language barrier frustrations, strange food, or even people lackadaisically hacking spit. […]

Blog Post #2; Bringing it all together


My research has two main dynamics. The first: the concrete aspect of hotel relativity. Simply, how does the Holiday Inn in the Haidian District of Beijing compare to that of an American Holiday Inn? To make the parallel as close as possible, I am using the Holiday Inn of Manhattan West Side, New York city […]

My Whip


During our class in the spring semester at William & Mary, Wei Laoshi mentioned to us that bicycles would be highly recommended once we got to Tsinghua. We were told it was a large campus and between our dorms, the the academic building, the cafeterias, tai chi class, and even the bus stop, a bike […]

Wait.. what?


After a day of classes, I headed to Wudaokou with all the intentions of enjoying a quiet cafe for the evening in order to get some work done. Though I did indeed accomplish this, it was only IN the cafe that I had a “normal” time. The trip there and back, however.. not so much. […]

Blog Post #1: The Hilton–内外


After weeks of pre-departure indecision about where and on what exactly I wanted to conduct my economic relativity fieldwork, I have narrowed my search down to Hilton Hotels– with my specific site being located in Wangfujing. Though this company was always on my list, after we attended a W&M conference there, I decided it would be […]

Burger King


It took me  a little over an hour to navigate the subway system and emerge from the underground into Guomao. Guomao is an essential location for my fieldwork as well as home to China’s World Trade Center. I was so happy to see not only the sun (after dodging around what seemed to be thousands […]

The Night Before Christmas

Photo on 2013-06-02 at 16.09 #7

Well, I kind of feels that way. Tomorrow I’m driving up to Northern Va; I take an 8 am flight out of Dulles Tuesday morning. I’m ready! I say this even despite the fact I just had a mild anxiety attack after rearranging my luggage for perhaps the 12th time… Anyway, once I actually […]

Project Proposal: Economic Relations

Microsoft Word - EDIT1-How American Companies Choose Factory Loc

For my research, I’m examining the economic growth and relations of companies in Virginia versus that of Beijing.  As of now, I have picked the following three companies/organizations on which I would like to conduct my research. All are located within Beijing as well as in locations closely accessible to where I live in Virginia. […]

Black Market. or Should We Say Green Market?


And no, not marijuana. Every country has some existence of a black market. That said, some are much bigger and/or more harmful than others. One of China’s most prevalent black markets is that of “Black Market Banking.” The illegal trafficking of money. Which of course isn’t green in China is it? One of the largest, […]