Are Students Prepared for the Future?- Jess Hench


Are Students Prepared for the Future?      A Comparison of Graduate Programs in China and the United States by Jess Hench   Significant differences exist between the structure and nature of higher education in the United States and China.  Differences include the role of standardized tests, the pedagogy used in the classroom, the underlying beliefs […]

Teaching and Learning in the U.S. and China – Jess Hench


Before the trip to China, I interviewed three people affiliated with the School of Education at the College of William and Mary.  Two professors and a student provided insight as to teaching and learning practices in the U.S., how internationalization impacts education, and the collaborative relationships between professors and students. In China, I observed presentations […]

Big Pot Meals


      What stood out for me in China was the way in which we ate our meals.  We sat around a round table with a large lazy susan in the middle.  The servers brought out many dishes of food and placed them on the lazy susan, and we would all share from the […]

Jess Hench


I am in my first year of the PhD program in Higher Education Administration through W&M’s School of Education. I am greatly excited about this opportunity to travel with my peers and learn more about a very different culture. I grew up in Connecticut and moved to Virginia when I began my undergraduate studies at […]