“Learn, so as to instruct others; Act, to serve as an example to all.”


By J. Richelle Joe On a conference room wall at Beijing Normal University, there is a wall with the following motto written in Chinese characters: “Learn, so as to instruct others; Act, so as to serve as an example to all.” Although its meaning may be up for interpretation, there is something striking about this […]

Changing Attitudes. Saving Lives.


Mental Health in China – By J. Richelle Joe As a Counselor Education student, I viewed China through a counseling lens. I traveled with the distinct purpose of understanding the nature of the mental health profession in the country, wondering what commonalities existed between counselor education and practice in China and in the United States. […]

In Search of Long Life


By J. Richelle Joe   In China, the cypress tree symbolizes long life. It is no wonder that each morning beneath the cypress trees, in the shadow of the Temple of Heaven, hundreds of men and women can be found engaging in various forms of recreation. Most of these people are retired individuals who flock […]

Richelle Joe

Richelle Joe

This past fall, I began the doctoral program for Counselor Education and Supervision here at William & Mary. Prior to my enrollment, I served as a secondary school teacher and a middle school counselor in Chesapeake, VA and as a family and behavior specialist in Richmond, VA. Here at W&M, my mind is being stretched […]