The Walled City

Way back when, in our first excursion out to Shanxi, we had the opportunity to visit the ancient walled city of Pingyao Pingyao was fascinating.  As you can see from the video, the walls are classic stone fortifications, backed by a thick layer of earth.  Inside, most, if not all structures are also stone.  And […]

Ryan vs Wolf

So, out of the more notable experiences of our adventure was a little match of Mongolian wrestling between Ryan and… a man who killed a wolf with just a rock.  I’m not kidding you, this happened.  Actually, we all had the opportunity to do some Mongolian Wrestling; once I process those videos, they will be […]

Hospital Service, Culture, and Satisfaction in China


At the far west end of Tsinghua University grounds is the Tsinghua University Hospital.  During my period of time in China, I choose to observe and research this site, to see what distinguishes it from Western hospitals, and its implications of Chinese health and medicine as a whole.  Some of the observations were expected, others […]

When Life Gives You Lemons… Or Plague

Waiting for Blood Test Results

An interesting event had occurred during this overseas visit to China.  I use the word “interesting” in hindsight; at the time my attention was forcibly turned towards seething pains, incessant coughing, and debilitating fatigue.  During our visit to Shanxi (or before, for all I know) a little entity known as a virus decided to hitch […]

Project Proposal: Perspectives of Tai Chi

Tai Chi in Beijing

I am very excited to begin researching Tai Chi in China.  However, “Tai Chi” is a broad subject.  The martial art itself has multiple schools, multiple forms, and multiple legacies.  So then, what will I be researching? I am not necessarily researching Tai Chi per say.  What I am researching is individuals’ perspectives of Tai […]

History and Globalization of Tai Chi Chuan

Statue of Zhang Sanfeng

Before, I had looked at an article reviewing the health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan.  Well, there are plenty more than just balance; overall Tai Chi can bring an individual strength, health, and peace of mind.  However, I feel I have yet to explore what Tai Chi actually is.  As explained in this article by […]

Tai Chi Chuan: The Healthy “Supreme Ultimate Fist”


The more I learn, the more I am interested in researching the Tai Chi culture of Beijing.  The martial art itself hails back to the 16th century, and has since split into multiple schools and forms.  While it is now practiced for self-defense, it is also practiced because of apparent health benefits the exercise brings.  […]

Tai Chi

I have not quite yet chosen one topic to research.  That’s not to say I haven’t been thinking of it; rather I can’t decide which idea to go forth with.  However, I am getting more and more interested in one of my ideas.  This would be to research and analyze the martial arts culture of […]

Jonathan Morrisey’s Bio

Jonathan Morrisey

你们好!我的中文名字是马君山。 For those of you who don’t read Chinese, welcome!  My name is Jonathan Morrisey, or Mǎ Jūnshān if you wish to know my Chinese name.  I am currently a freshman at the College of William and Mary, and plan to major in East Asian Studies.  I’ve taken around two years of Mandarin Chinese, but […]