The Intimacy of Touch


When working with my two project partners from China, Vicky and Jolie, three things were made absolutely apparent. First, that they were more than ecstatic at discovering that, despite my name, I was a girl. Second, the reason they were happy I was a girl was because they wanted to focus on romance for the […]

Hollywood Themes Utilized to Create Sympathy from Western Audiences


The life of a geisha was not one of choice but of necessity for girls who had been sold to different okiya, or homes. With their other options being slavery or prostitution, the life of a geisha, where a wealthy patron would pull you from poverty, is desirable. However, the lifestyle required strict instruction in […]

Jordan Cheresnowsky

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Jordan Cheresnowsky is a sophomore at the College of William and Mary who is pursuing a major in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, with a focus on East Asian Studies. Born and raised in Virginia, she has traveled extensively along the Eastern Coast of the United States, but aspires to go abroad to Japan. She […]