Understanding Chinese Perceptions of India and Indians


Introduction After two months of conducting research in China, I have honestly understood and learned a lot from the people here. This research started off as mere study of my interactions with the Chinese people, but it turned into an elaborate study of where their perceptions of India originated and why these perceptions are being held. […]

Research Update #2

Performance in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

After six weeks into research, I have interviewed over 20 participants about their views on India and Indians. Overall, the results from the interviews have varied from a participant having a positive, well-read view of Sino-India relations, to a participant having a negative or even no view of Sino-India relations. These interviews have been a […]

大开眼界- Three Weeks into Research

Indian Restaurant in Wudaokou

With the changing dynamics between India and China, I believe it is important that the bond between these two countries must be properly analysed. While it is mostly that the country’s government takes actions in multiple areas, it is also important to see how the people view this bond. India and China’s relationship has often […]

Weekend Trip: Shanxi Province

The whole group at Qiao Jia courtyard in Shanxi province.

(Mom, Dad) I’m back from Shanxi, safe and sound! During this trip, I have had some amazing experiences that I am proud to say I have had. This trip was part of the W&M program and everything from the transportation to the food were taken care off. Shanxi province is located West of Beijing and […]

W&M at Tsinghua


The rest of the W&M group to China arrived on Thursday and had time to rest, buy food, and settle in. But the faculty at Tsinghua were planning a huge welcome for us. On Friday morning, we were invited to an orientation by the teachers who will be teaching us throughout the summer. They introduced […]

Arrived in Beijing


So, I have safely arrived in Beijing and I have quickly learned many things. Here’s a quick update on what I’ve been up to for the last two days. I arrived before the program started so I got the chance to take my time getting to know the city and the people. The first thing […]

Research Proposal

Indian Embassy restaurants

India-China Relations in a Microcosm: Ethnographic Study of the Environment in an Indian Restaurant in Beijing China and India, world’s two most populous nations, are gaining influence in today’s global politics and international affairs. In fact, China and India are quite similar: they are both driven economically and are growing nations in terms of science […]

Bilateral Trade between India and China


Here is the link to the article I am analyzing this week. The article discusses how the trade between India and China is supposed to be worth $100 billion by 2015. Which is great because when I graduate, my job prospects will be looking better. The Chinese consul general in India believes that there are […]

China and India


After much thought and researching and pondering, it seems like I have arrived at my final research topic. Before I reveal it, I want to give a shout out to my dad for helping me arrive at my final research topic. He’s been a great help in leading me in a relevant and interesting topic. This summer […]

Media and IR

As an IR major, I really want to conduct research using the knowledge I already have to conduct a successful research. But all the ideas I have thought up have worried me a little. See, the thing is China uses an iron fist when it comes to censorship and censoring things that allow people to […]