The Burden of Adaptation- Filial Piety and Cross-cultural Communication through Film

Ang Lee's cinematography frames the conflict between Master Chu (left) and Martha (right).

by Gibson Haynes In conjunction with Kevin Wang Chen, a 3rd year student majoring in English at Beijing Normal University, I viewed the films Pushing Hands and The Joy Luck Club. Although one film is Taiwanese and the other American, both catalogue the experiences of Chinese people living in America. Through our discussions, we investigated […]

Gibson Haynes


¬†Gibson is a senior at the college majoring in Linguistics and East Asian Studies. His research interests include the social and historical aspects of language policy formation in Southeast Asia. Outside of academics, he sings in several ensembles, including the William and Mary Choir, the Cleftomaniacs, and the Schola Cantorum. After graduation, he hopes to […]