Finding Cross-Cultural Understanding in Tragic Love Stories

'Titanic', which takes place in 1912, takes on themes ranging from class stratification to technology.

Film and new media can serve as a tool for cross-cultural understanding. The inherent visual experience of film allows viewers to “see” another culture in action. The storytelling aspect of film shows the viewer the values of the culture, the cultural norms and behaviors, and how people deal with conflict in that culture. Discussing films […]

The Man with the Iron Fists Section 2


Introduction: The film is set in the fictional town of “Jungle Village” during pseudo-Qing Dynasty, where the governor has tasked the Lion clan with the protection of his gold shipment through the village. When the head of the Lion clan is overthrown by a traitor, war erupts between rival clans for the gold. Caught in […]

Lisa Kong


Lisa Kong is a senior at the College of William and Mary. An Accounting major, she is currently employed at a consulting firm in Washington DC. She studied abroad in China two years ago with W&M’s summer program in Beijing. In her free time, Lisa is a freelance concert photographer and sports blogger.