Subjective Plot and Cultural Understanding

seaside Once

When one thinks of means of long distance communication one thinks of email, telephones, text messages, Skype, and the increasingly anachronistic hand written letter. Modern means have shortened lines of logistics to the extent that students like myself take it for granted that, as I settle in with a cup of tea against the backdrop […]

Lost In Translation- Section 1

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Sophia Coppola’s “Lost In Translation” is, at first blush, a modern take on a theme that has been hashed out ad nauseam by filmmakers and writers for centuries.  Upon closer examination, though, “Lost In Translation” pursues a markedly different understanding of the concept of othering than similar works by portraying the westerners as the “other”.  […]

Danny Otto

Danny Otto at the Forbidden City

Danny Otto is a junior majoring in Chinese and Economics.  He recently returned from a semester of immersion study at Peking University, better known to Beijingers as Beida (北大) during which time he was prohibited from speaking English. Danny’s passions include photography,  travelling, and rowing with his fellow members of William and Mary’s varsity crew […]