Miscellaneous Reflection 2: Summary


Now that I’m back in the US, it’s time to look back on the whole of my trip to China. Unfortunately, it’s one of those experiences that goes by slowly, but then is over far too soon. I really enjoyed the trip, and I look forward to going back to China one day, whether for […]

Miscellaneous Reflection 1: Haggling

Of all the unique cultural things one has to get used to in China, I think one of my favorites was haggling, which is not something I would have expected. I try my hardest to avoid confrontation in just about every situation, so arguing with a stranger about something is  certainly not something I would […]

Language Views and Acquisition

Figure 2 - Delleman Error Analysis

Introduction Before beginning this paper, I thought I would write it solely about the acquisition of English by native Chinese speakers, analyzing the common types of mistakes many Chinese speakers made in grammar and pronunciation, and theorize why such mistakes might be common, drawing on previous knowledge from linguistics classes I’ve taken. However, as I […]

Language: Test vs. Tool


Since my last post, I’ve been unable to get permission to conduct research at any English instruction companies here in Beijing, so I’ll be doing my project without a field site. However, this means that a very important method of gathering information – observation, of English classes for example – is no longer available to […]

How NOT to Find a Field Site…


Going into this trip, I knew the fieldwork project would give me trouble. Research isn’t my forte, nor is interacting with people I don’t know, and especially not in a foreign language. I was nervous. But I didn’t think it would be quite as troublesome as it has been. Back in the spring, during our […]

Project Proposal


I have to admit, I still haven’t nailed down all the details for this project. It’s proving difficult (at least, for me and my sub-par researching skills) to find much background information on my topic, and I’m not entirely sure of what the best way to collect information during the ethnographic research portion of this […]

Article 2: “Leftover Women”


This article talks about another group of people who have been often described by a Chinese slang term, 剩女 shèngnǚ. (Coincidentally, these people are basically the exact opposite of the diaosi from last week’s article.) This term translates directly as “leftover women”, and describes educated Chinese women who are in their mid- to late-twenties and still single. […]

Chinese “Losers” (Article #1)

This article talks about a Chinese slang term, “diaosi” which originated online in Chinese social media websites and has recently become widely used by young Chinese people. This term (literally meaning “pubic hair”) can be loosely compared to English “loser”. At first, it was an insult, referring to a person who is underprivileged, uneducated, unmotivated, […]

Field Project Ideas


Excited though I am about this coming trip, I have to admit that the thought of the ethnographic research project I’ll be doing makes me nervous. Most likely because all big projects make me nervous, but also perhaps because I just can’t decide on a topic. I’m majoring in Linguistics, and am considering the possibility […]

Colleen Slothouber Bio


大家好! My name is Colleen Slothouber (孙科凌)and I am a rising senior here at William and Mary (yikes!), with a major in Linguistics. I’ve been studying Chinese for five years now, since it was first offered in my junior year of high school. I’ve been looking forward to studying abroad since before I even started applying […]