Skype as Cross-Cultural Communication: Dangers, Limitations, and Benefits


Skype: Dangers, Limitations, and Benefits   For our final project, we used Skype to converse with Chinese partners half way across the globe. We discussed American and Chinese films and cultural differences such as dorm arrangements and Saturday classes. Learning through these Skype conversations, we were able to conclude our study of East Asian culture […]

Screens into Different Cultures: Infernal Affairs and The Departed

Disclaimer: This is the solo initiative of an American student who was unable to establish contact with her Chinese partner.   Why Infernal Affairs and The Departed? I selected these two films because The Departed (2006) is a Hollywood adaptation of the wildly successful Infernal Affairs (2002). As such, I thought it would be interesting […]

Anna Kim

A senior at the College, Anna Kim is a Literary and Cultural Studies major and Marketing minor. Born and raised in the suburbs of DC, she had a unfortunately culturally deficient childhood – her early exposure to films was almost exclusively limited to movies featuring Jackie Chan. Thankfully, she’s branched out since then and now […]