I cannot sink, therefore I swim


Well, I’m home.  I suppose I suspected it to more of a bang than a fizzle.  Still, here I am and happy to be. I feel like now, as it is fresh in my mind, is the time to reflect on the experience as a whole.  Going into this program, I had reservations.  On a […]

Avant-Garde Theatre and China’s Sociopolitical and Economic Struggle


Introduction Deep in the Hutong district, a hub for the cultural melting pot that is today’s Beijing, exists a small converted playhouse café combination named PengHao (蓬蒿). The outside of the building, originally a Hutong or traditional Chinese place of residence, features a mural of blue human silhouettes and a small sign shaped like a […]

A Cultural Reflection


The life blood of a theatre runs through its content.  Simply, if one wishes to truly understand the culture of a theatre, one must observe a performance it presents.  When deciding to see a play at Peng Hao (蓬蒿) I was confident in my ability to, at the very least, to be able to interpret […]

Communication and Interpretation


As I was preparing to start my field work in China, I found myself apprehensive.  I had a carefully planned, psychology oriented study of depression.  Fate however, had other plans.  As I realized more and more that I would be unable to progress with said project, I began to search for alternatives.  When I began […]

The Great Wall


Finally.  The Great Wall, perhaps the most recognizable symbol of China, was our arranged excursion for the day.  Going to this famous place, it was sort of like earning my stripes, that I would have officially visited China once I could check the Great Wall off my list. The build up to the whole thing […]

Death, Immortality, and Cross-Cultural Exchange: Death is the Road to Awe

Conquistador death scene

When starting this project, I was hesitant.  I am not a naturally outgoing person and was worried about making contact with my students.  When I sat down for my first conversation, I was initially very nervous.  The students, however, put me at ease and, despite the occasional awkwardness and technology problems, I enjoyed talking to […]

Project Proposal


As I have slowly developed my research topic over the course of this class, made it more detailed, focused my topic of focus, I find this chance to write a practical proposal a timely opportunity.  When I began this project, I immediately knew what topic I wanted to research, abnormal psychology in other cultures.  I […]

More Preliminary Research

The culture debate

As the article I looked at last time was all about the prevalence of depression in China, I felt the next appropriate step to take would be to look into how depression presents in China, what the symptoms are, what may be seen as causing the mental illness, especially what socioeconomic factors may be causing […]

Preliminary Research

When browsing the internet for more information regarding the viability of my topic, I found a particular article, written in 2012, about the state of mental health treatment in China.  Originally, I had been worried about pursuing my topic.  I feared, due to knowledge bestowed upon me via the psychology textbooks I had studied intensely, […]

Delving into China


A summer in Beijing. A chance to study at a foreign university.  The ability to observe the people and culture in action.  For a Chinese major, this is a dream come true.  Ever since I began taking Chinese, maybe even before then, I have wanted desperately to go to China.  While I have studied abroad […]