Beijing. A foodies delight!


When I say “China”, what do you think of? One of the first things that comes to most peoples’ minds is food. Chinese food seems to be a staple of American culture now. So, one of the things I was most looking forward to about coming to China was the food. Some people from my […]

Final Project: Conspicuous Consumption at Xidan

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By all reports and numbers, the Chinese economy is experiencing meteoric growth.  After the 改革开放(Gaigekaifang)- the opening of China to the rest of the world and foreign investment- China’s economy has grown to become one of the largest in the world. Hundreds of millions of people have been lifted out of poverty, and an entirely […]

Exploring Inner Mongolia

So, after classes last Saturday, we prepared to head off the Inner Mongolian grassland. Just to clarify, Inner Mongolia is a province, or rather a Semi-autonomous region of China. I did NOT go to actual Mongolia. I did NOT enter a different country. Think New Mexico. New Mexico is not in Mexico, it just borders […]

Conspicuous Consumption

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  After several more interviews and visits to Xidan, I have been able to get a better grasp on what separates the different Xidan shopping malls. The applicable term can be applied to almost all of modern China’s commercial culture: conspicuous consumption. As my interviews and observations have shown me, the difference between shopping and […]

The Dynamic Mall

Joy City
The higher end mall

My field site has evolved as my time leading up to and arriving in China has progressed. My final field site is Xidan. Though technically not one mall, it provides a wide range of merchandise and environments in several city blocks. The district has 6 or 7 large buildings of 5-8 stories that contain both vendors and corporate stores. There […]

Summer Project Proposal


For my project, I will be exploring the ways in which western brands market themselves in China and the buying trends that exist, especially with the Chinese youth (16-25). I want to focus on how these western brands portray themselves to the customers and how these customers perceive these brands. One of my key interests […]

The new Chinese “Middle Class”


When one talks about the American Dream, it seems it is most often characterized by images of average sized homes, white picket fences, two kids, a dog, and a new car in the driveway. And to most, this is a “middle class” lifestyle. The home isn’t a villa, and the car isn’t a Jaguar. However, […]

More thoughts on fieldwork

One of the most intriguing aspects of China to me, has been the explosive growth in the commercial sector. A still developing market economy has provided a unique ability to watch what happens when closed economies open. This may sound like a silly statement to make but when one considers that capitalism and commercialism both developed over […]

Adam’s Thoughts on Field Projects

When someone asks you, “what do you want to do fieldwork on while you are in China?” you are left with a feeling of blankness. What kind of a question is that? I barely even know what fieldwork is. I have never been to China; I speak Chinese like a kindergartner; and there are so […]

Adam’s Siegel’s Bio


My name is Adam Siegel and I am a Sophomore at the College of William and Mary. I am an average height blond male who has only ever lived with one person in college. As diverse as William and Mary is, my horizons are admittedly narrow. I come from the relatively homogenous state of Minnesota […]