Approachability in Beijing

Example English Page for a 高考

One element of life in Beijing that became increasingly apparent the longer I stayed there was that being foreign affects the way others treat you.  My most notable anecdote about approachability comes from the security guard working at the front desk of the extremely large gym/stadium complex at Tsinghua University.  I had parked my bike […]

The Gym at Tsinghua


Last Saturday I had one of the strangest and possibly my most awkward moment in Beijing, which serves as a perfect example of when the attention arising from being a 外国人 turns from mildly amusing to noticeably uncomfortable.  Unsurprisingly, this happened at the small, dark room that some people at Tsinghua humorously call a gym.  […]

Leaving Beijing


The last two days in Beijing went by like a breeze. It was actually very sad to have to leave all of my classmates and new friends at the end of our two month experience together. We made a ton of memories together ( like dancing in Inner Mongolia with little kids after a lightening/thunder […]

“We’re Not In China In Anymore!”


Chinese is a very difficult language to learn, as I am sure we all know. What you would not expect however, is apparently after seven weeks of being surrounded by people speaking Chinese, you find speaking English difficult. For instance, using grammatically incorrect structures like “You’re going where?” to a stranger on the plane. So […]

A Bittersweet Ending


As I sit here in the hotel next to the airport, getting ready to leave for my flight in a few hours, memories from these past 2 months keep racing through my head. I’m so excited to go home to see my family and all my friends – but at the same time leaving this […]

Final lunch with 曹荣


  Yesterday was the last day of Beijing Summer Study Abroad 2013. However, since my flight is actually scheduled to take off later today I was able to schedule in one last meeting with my language partner, 曹荣 (Cao2 Rong2). I’d asked her to take me to a kind of restaurant special to China, somewhere […]

Beijing. A foodies delight!


When I say “China”, what do you think of? One of the first things that comes to most peoples’ minds is food. Chinese food seems to be a staple of American culture now. So, one of the things I was most looking forward to about coming to China was the food. Some people from my […]

Language Views and Acquisition

Figure 2 - Delleman Error Analysis

Introduction Before beginning this paper, I thought I would write it solely about the acquisition of English by native Chinese speakers, analyzing the common types of mistakes many Chinese speakers made in grammar and pronunciation, and theorize why such mistakes might be common, drawing on previous knowledge from linguistics classes I’ve taken. However, as I […]

Hospital Service, Culture, and Satisfaction in China


At the far west end of Tsinghua University grounds is the Tsinghua University Hospital.  During my period of time in China, I choose to observe and research this site, to see what distinguishes it from Western hospitals, and its implications of Chinese health and medicine as a whole.  Some of the observations were expected, others […]

The Role of Museums in Defining Propaganda


Introduction Before coming to China, my understanding of the Communist Party’s record of information and media control suggested that Beijing’s museums, a key venue through which the party’s spin on historical information would be disseminated, would exclusively keep in line with party doctrine, especially in representing controversial events in the Communist Party’s history. Further, I […]