Ryan vs Wolf

So, out of the more notable experiences of our adventure was a little match of Mongolian wrestling between Ryan and… a man who killed a wolf with just a rock.  I’m not kidding you, this happened.  Actually, we all had the opportunity to do some Mongolian Wrestling; once I process those videos, they will be posted as well.  However, for now enjoy the highlight.

YouTube Preview Image

If you weren’t aware, Mongolian wrestling follows a different set of rules than what we’re used to in a match.  The rules vary slightly from region to region, but here, touching the ground with anything knee or above is a loss.  You can’t grab or kick the legs, but you can sweep and tangle them with your own.

Our experience in Inner Mongolia was very interesting.  Our bus was escorted by horsemen on our arrival, and we were greeted with Mongolian song and alcohol.  We were then given a feast, silk, and more alcohol.

Unfortunately, we were supposed to be able to view a miniature festival, complete with horse races and wrestling.  However, only two wrestling matches could be completed before a massive thunder storm rolled in; luckily Ryan managed to get an opportunity to take on this guy.  I think Ryan did pretty well myself.