Adaptation & Motorcycles


Though I won’t deny that I have been thoroughly out of my comfort zone since getting off the plane on June 13th, 7 weeks here in China have flown by and I have adapted to my Beijing life. I’m no longer phased by stares, language barrier frustrations, strange food, or even people lackadaisically hacking spit. […]


What (hopefully) real ones look like.

Last week I had my most interesting trip to Zhongguancun yet.  A booth manager told me specifically how to tell the difference between fake and real headphones.  Specifically Beats headphones which can range from $150 to about $300 in the US (900-1800 Kuai).  This experience led to an answer to two questions: Why is it […]

The Adaptability of Starbucks


  In order to provide the reader with a full understanding of the ideas and analysis presented within this post, a brief description of the data I gathered at my field sites (Starbucks located near ZhongGuanCun and WuDaoKou ) is fundamental.  My first step is to accurately describe my interviews and observations. Through discussing these […]

Blog Post 2: Controversial Topics in Inner Mongolia


    Last weekend, our study abroad program took a trip to Inner Mongolia to tour Hohhot and the grassland. While in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia’s capitol, we had the opportunity to visit two museums, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Museum and the Governor’s residence. Although both museums, like many others, tended to avoid the sort […]

Research Update #2

Performance in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

After six weeks into research, I have interviewed over 20 participants about their views on India and Indians. Overall, the results from the interviews have varied from a participant having a positive, well-read view of Sino-India relations, to a participant having a negative or even no view of Sino-India relations. These interviews have been a […]

Blog Post #2; Bringing it all together


My research has two main dynamics. The first: the concrete aspect of hotel relativity. Simply, how does the Holiday Inn in the Haidian District of Beijing compare to that of an American Holiday Inn? To make the parallel as close as possible, I am using the Holiday Inn of Manhattan West Side, New York city […]


hou hai burn

So I have now been to hou hai three times: once dying the day with the entire group, once in the late afternoon with my language partner and Maria and Leah, and once at night with the group for swat was supposed to be dinner and dancing util we got rained out. However, even though […]

My Whip


During our class in the spring semester at William & Mary, Wei Laoshi mentioned to us that bicycles would be highly recommended once we got to Tsinghua. We were told it was a large campus and between our dorms, the the academic building, the cafeterias, tai chi class, and even the bus stop, a bike […]

Using English as a weapon…

Zhongguancun shops.

When we first got to China, we were told that we should use our Chinese as much as possible so we could improve.  We were all proud we knew Chinese while other foreigners didn’t and we all loved the look of surprise on peoples’ faces when we spoke to them in Chinese.  We broke a […]

Learning Experiences

Jared and Adam attempting to ride a bike.

Studying abroad in Beijing has been a learning experience.  No one here has progressed much in a single day but, looking back to the beginning of our trip, I’ve noticed some significant changes. I, personally, am much more confident using the little bit of Chinese I do know.  I also feel adjusted to living in […]