A world of whimsy

A few weeks ago, I went to an acrobatic show near San litun. To say it was amazing is a complete and utter understatement. Yet I find myself completely at a loss to describe it. Thus I hope my media will be adequate to help you share my experience. The stage was beautiful and intricately decorated.It appeared to be painted on a white sheet, yet it perfectly captured the essence of  temple of heaven. The acrobats themselves were decorated in bright colors and feathers. I noticed that the acrobats were quite young.


The first performance consisted of a girl jumping on what appeared to be an elongated stick , held by two people, one on each end. She jumped off the stick holding green streamers and did a split mid air. It wasn’t just that her movements were impressive, it was the scene that she was a part of that was beautiful. As I saw her soar higher and higher, in that moment, it felt like anything and everything was possible. This was no ordinary acrobatic show. It was a colorful display of culture.




IMG_0294The second performance made me extremely anxious. This young man walked out and jumped on a chair. Another acrobat tossed him another chair, he put it on top of the first and jumped over that one. This went on for quite sometime. With every chair, I held my breath and closed my eyes terrified but he managed to jump over it. He managed to do this with around eleven chairs in total, and he slowly descended by tossing his chairs, one at a time, to his fellow acrobat. It was a display of strength. To me it symbolized a strength that can defy any obstacles, defy the impossible.






IMG_0309The third performance was another group performance themed around the bicycle. Having recently learned about how bicycles originated and what they were used to do, I found this performance quite interesting. The act consisted of a about ten girls hoisted on a bicycle. They looked so beautiful and feminine. Considering the bicycle was used a transport vehicle for the military, and women were not allowed to ride them. Yet there they were, embracing their femininity and strong enough to hold each other up.




IMG_0296The fourth performance consisted of a girl, laying on the ground and balancing sun umbrellas on her feet. I stared in awe as she pushed them up in the air and they  seemed to soar for an eternity before they came back down. I could not help but compare the act to one of a juggling clown. Yet she looked graceful and elegant. She was elevated, signifying her superiority. I did not know the story behind this intriguing display. However, I did note she was much more decorated than the rest of the performers, which to me, signified her superiority.




The last performance was probably the most intriguing one. It made me feel like a child again, lost in a sea of wonder and whimsy. It consisted of motorcycles in this circular structured cage. The performers were riding around it, making it look like a ball of beautiful lights. I’ve attached a video and pictures for all of you to share the performances, but especially the last performance I mentioned. It is quite the sight to see. So the door is open, come into the world of whimsy.