Nostalgia of the Forbidden City


Forbidden City!

This past weekend our  group headed to the Forbidden City for the second time! Sadly when we went the first time 2 weeks ago it was closed- still no idea why, but that’s ok because this time was a great success. To start the weather was great, a little hot but at least it wasn’t raining! We went on a Sunday so it was pretty crowded but that just made it even more fun seeing all the different kinds of people. Overall it was a good day to see this ancient city, and see it we did.


Stairs leading to the first large courtyard.

The Forbidden city and I go way back, almost 9 years ago to when I went to middle school in Beijing. Even though that was so long ago, it still remains one of my most vibrant memories today. As soon as we walked down the steps entering the first courtyard I was hit by waves of nostalgia as memories buried deep within my head started flooding out. The first thing me and a couple other friends did was to check out the art galleries that I enjoyed last time. I think what made this trip so worthwhile for me was the fact that although I have specific vibrant memories of the forbidden city, there were certain areas where my memory seemed to be covered by a thin haze. The true excitement came from finally realizing how and where I was and why I loved it last time.



By the end of our 2 hour adventure around the Forbidden City, it truly made me appreciate the culture and splendor it represents for Chinese culture and history. Most of my college career has been dedicated to learning East Asian history, and for months at a time I’d be learning about emperors who lived in this amazing place. To think that I’m in their home, and able to see what they saw, it’s truly phenomenal and makes you realize that it’s places like this that really keep the past and the present linked. I can’t wait to go back here again and explore more areas within the city that I was unable to this time.