Chinese Internet Celebrities

Screen Shot 2013-07-06 at 6.13.16 PMSo I don’t know about the rest of my peers on this trip, but one of the things I miss the most about home is Youtube. From following my favorite youtuber’s newest videos to searching music and my favorite movie clips, I feel very much cut off from one of my main sources of entertainment and social media. So, one night as I was reminded of one of the funny sayings of one of my favorite internet stars, I searched Jenna Marbles into China’s version of youtube, youku. Lo and behold, some of her more popular videos actually popped up! After laughing and enjoying the comforts of the familiar, I noticed in the “related” sidebar that a video with more views featured the smiling expression of a Chinese girl leaning sideways through a doorway. A thought occured to me then – “Maybe she’s like the Chinese version of Jenna Marbles?” so i clicked, curiosity winning out over familiarity. This is what I found.

Not quite a Jenna Marbles, but more of a Chinese version of “Shit Girlfriends Say”. Also worth noting is the use of traditional characters in the subtitles, indicating the possibility that she is Taiwanese. After clicking through a few more random related videos, I found another by the same girl and deduced by the title that her name is 啊喜. This seems to be a Chinese version of “Shit Your Boss Says”.

In addition to learning more common uses of the language, this type of media entertains as well as educates. In my opinion a resource like this is really valuable, and I’m really glad I was able to find the same kind of thing that I’d enjoy in the states here in China as well.