The Night Before Christmas

Well, I kind of feels that way. Tomorrow I’m driving up to Northern Va; I take an 8 am flight out of Dulles Tuesday morning. I’m ready! I say this even despite the fact I just had a mild anxiety attack after rearranging my luggage for perhaps the 12th time… Anyway, once I actually GET TO Beijing, I’m going to be set. I’ve been ready for this trip for weeks– excited about it for months. Though I’m sure culture shock will smack me square in the face, that I’ll run into frustrations with my Mandarin (or lack thereof, I guess), that I’ll get overwhelmed with the schoolwork, that I’ll get sick off the food (perhaps sick OF the food, too), that I’ll miss my horse.. really this list goes on and on. The good news: the bad list is easily outweighed by the list with all the good stuff! I’m ready to get this show on the road.