Project Proposal: Economic Relations

For my research, I’m examining the economic growth and relations of companies in Virginia versus that of Beijing.  As of now, I have picked the following three companies/organizations on which I would like to conduct my research. All are located within Beijing as well as in locations closely accessible to where I live in Virginia.


Description of the community, site, and/or activities:



ADDRESS:Room 3407, Jing Guang Center Hujialou Beijing 100020

TEL: 6501-2889, 6501-3388 ext.3407

FAX :6501-2878


Also located in Harrisonburg, Va.


American Chamber of Commerce:

ADDRESS: Great Wall Sheraton Hotel #444 Commerce

TEL:65005566 X 2271, 444



Every city has a chamber of commerce, and I have worked with the one that represents the city nearby where I am from. This way I can examine the functions of not only the companies in both locations, but also the Chamber, which will represent a network.



ADDRESS:CIVIC Place 22 Jianguomenwai Dajie Beijing 100004

TEL: 6522-5566

FAX: 6522-7790

Also located in Staunton, Va.


One central question I want to answer about my chosen topic:


Which economy (via what is shown through both the given companies and the chamber) has the more stable and progressive dynamics? Why?


A detailed plan for my first contact with my field site:


I think the chamber is the best place to start. This is because I somewhat see it as a gateway to access the other companies. Though the other companies could easily not be associated with the American Chamber, I could luck out! That would open the gates communication with more ease.


I plan on doing this via a contact I have from my experience. I work with the President of the Chamber of Commerce in Waynesboro, Va who’s sister city it Wanzhou. Though Wanzhou is not close to Beijing, I could easily be put in contact with that Chamber, and chambers are closely networked, so via Wanzhou I hope to be in contact with Chamber reps in Beijing before I leave for Beijing.


Proposed Plan for carrying out research; info gathered; documentation methods:


I want to know:

  • To what extent the chambers encourage, subsidize, and/or network for the business within the cities.
  • The popularity/attitude of the given company among the people within each city.
  • When each company was started.
  • The pros and cons of its location within the city.
  • The size of the companies

-# of Employees

-Capital Employed

-Business Conducted

  • The chain of command/authority within each company.
  • The relative cost of production (including labor costs)
  • The relative price at which products are sold
  • Relative revenues
  • The overall economic progression/regression of each company.


All of this will need to be in relative terms (regarding population). I cannot be comparing Staunton, Harrisonburg, or Waynesboro, VA to Beijing without some kind of even playing field.


Review of Academic Article:

Prasso, Sheridan. 7 May 2010. CNNMoney. American Made… Chinese owned: Full version.


This article examines the differences between setting up shop of American companies in China. It highlights both the differences and the similarities between the two countries and populations. It also addresses the trends the companies and countries are undergoing that may yield more or less similarities between the businesses.

What is the most interesting thing?


This whole project is something I can be passionate about, because there’s nothing I don’t find interesting about it. I’m an IR & Econ double major, and this project caters to both those academic fields perfectly. It will allow me to interact with the public one-on-one as well as analyze the theoretical side of things. It is not only a project that will allow me to research the concrete but also the abstract.