Philosophy and Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom Competition at Peking University

Ethical Philosophy

My biggest question for those that I may come across while in Beijing is about their take on traditional Confucian values. First of all, what exactly are these Confucian values? Who abides by them? And how exactly are those beliefs applied in life? I want to investigate how these ideas compare with western philosophy as well as western traditional beliefs.

A value that I have heard is traditionally significant in China is the virtue of modesty. I would like to explore more of what exactly the implications of the value of modesty are, and how they are thought about in activities like ballroom dancing. I’m also curious about what disparity there may be from among various groups of people within the Chinese culture.


To investigate this, I plan to attend dance classes at the Dancing Heaven ballroom dance studio. It’s located at 北京海淀区中关村大街28-1海淀文化艺术大厦A座401室. The website is also linked here.