Project 2 Overview

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This is the culminating project for the class. Students will work 1-on-1 in a cross-cultural exchange with a Chinese student studying at Beijing Normal University, using film as a medium for discussion and reflection. Based on their own interests, each pair of students will select one American film and one Chinese film with related themes to watch and discuss. Using Skype or another video chat program, students will engage in three 1-hour conversations, one to select the films, one to discuss the films, and one a follow-up discussion for planning and executing the final project. Finally, each pair of students will create a multimedia bilingual online project based on their films and discussions.


  • The goal of this project is to use film and new media as platforms for cross-cultural communication and exchange.
  • Students will build on knowledge and conceptual approaches learned in this course to participate in a multi-media project created in collaboration with a Chinese partner in China.
  • Through this project, students will reflect more deeply on processes of cross-cultural communication and understanding, as well on the role played by film and digital media as mediators for these processes.