Bilateral Trade between India and China

Here is the link to the article I am analyzing this week.

The article discusses how the trade between India and China is supposed to be worth $100 billion by 2015. Which is great because when I graduate, my job prospects will be looking better. The Chinese consul general in India believes that there are plenty of areas of cooperation between India and China like: energy savings, infrastructure, tourism, IT, and agriculture.



A growing village in India.

The idea that trade is increasing between China and India indicates that there will be much more interaction between the two countries. Whether it be politically  economically, or socially, we can expect these two countries to agree and disagree on many things. I feel that as an Indian and a Chinese language student, I can hopefully use the skills I have to build bridges between these two nations.

With my research project, I am hoping to get different perspectives on the bi-lateral trade via interviewing people at the Indian Embassy, American Embassy, and hopefully, a Chinese official. I also plan on asking students and professors at the university what their opinions are.