The Expansion of Starbucks and Other Fast Food Chains


Starbucks and Mcdonalds are two of the largest American multinational corporations within China. Recently I read an article about Starbucks, and their intensive plans for developing in China, and it shocked me just how large of a scale they planned to increase. They plan to triple the number of stores, from 500 to 1500, within a time span of 5 years. John Culver, chief executive officer of Starbucks Coffee International himself stated, The company has about 500 outlets in China and operates in 48 cities at the moment. “Over the 13 years we’ve been in China, we have been able to introduce the coffee house culture in China and it’s no different when we move into those cities where we don’t currently have stores”.


This leads to the question, what kind of impact are these restaurants having upon the Chinese people? With this massive increase in involvement within Chinese society, I really want to discover the Chinese mentality about these restaurants. Do they believe them to be an accurate representation of the American lifestyle? Do the restaurants themselves incorporate a Chinese twist to the environment or menu to make it more appealing to the locals? Essentially, my field research project will be analyzing Chinese local opinions on several aspects of these restaurants, and determining what really drives people to attend them. Over the course of the experiment I’ll be trying to determine the connection between the restaurants’ “American environment”, and their popularity.


I’ve already looked at maps around the Tsinghua area and there happens to be a KFC, Mcdonalds, and Starbucks all in the vicinity. I think by narrowing down my research to a maximum of these three major restaurants, I can more accurately represent the ideas of the Chinese people  about fast food American chains from a broader standpoint.

Here’s an easy link to the article describing Starbucks’ massive expansion into China: