Media and IR

As an IR major, I really want to conduct research using the knowledge I already have to conduct a successful research. But all the ideas I have thought up have worried me a little. See, the thing is China uses an iron fist when it comes to censorship and censoring things that allow people to express their opinions. I thought, why not talk to the students on the campus of Tsinghua and see the common consensus among students on their view of the US politically and economically.

Another idea I had had to do with the media in China. During this year, CCTV, China’s state-owned television channel came to visit Williamsburg and interviewed foreign students learning Chinese. This is a video where William and Mary was featured in: After the crew did our photo and video shoot, I got to take them on a tour of William and Mary and I got to really know the director. I told her I was going to be in China this summer and she offered to help me in China. I wanted to interview people who work for the media in China and see if they think the media accurately depicts the real-life stories. It would also be really cool to see they present protests and riots and democracy in daily news. Moreover, I would also like to see the dynamic between people at the CCTV headquarters.

The last idea I have is analyzing racism in China. China used to be xenophobic country before it opened up to trade and immigration. I don’t know how appropriate it is to perform this research, but as someone who isn’t Han Chinese, it would be nice to see the kind of responses I get in China. I also want to ask expats living in Beijing how they are treated and viewed by the natives. I don’t know if I can use myself as a subject as I am sure I will receive a lot of attention as a foreigner in China.