Project Idea: Adoption in China

In early 2011, I was a senior in high school focusing on passing my AP/IB exams and what to wear to my graduation in May.  As most high school seniors are, I was consumed by thoughts of graduating or preparing for college and, unfortunately, not much else was on my mind.  However, one day I distinctly remember getting an email from my uncle announcing that my cousin would travel to Beijing, China to adopt a baby.  I was immediately consumed with excitement for my cousin and his wife to begin this incredible chapter in their lives.  I may or may not have stalked their blog to look at pictures of the beautiful baby that they brought back to America.

Looking back now, I realize my high school self had no idea how much my cousin’s decision to adopt a baby  from China would affect me.  I often checked back to their blog for updates and was/still intrigued by the whole adoption process.  The amount of time and effort it takes is unbelievable and it makes me wonder, how many other Americans choose to do this?chinese baby

During my time in Beijing this summer, I would like to visit several orphanages as a part of my fieldwork. I am not yet sure what the focus of my research would be. Perhaps it will center on the ratio
of Americans who are approved for adoption versus those not approved.  I am curious to discover what the qualifications are to adopt a baby and to see if they differ depending on the nationality of the parent(s). I realize that this research topic would be very sensitive because it involves personal information of both children and potential parents.  That is why this idea is still in the early stages. Stay tuned for more!

If anyone is curious about Americans adopting children from China, click here for an opinion article in the New York Times from 2007.