The Inception

The inception of my study abroad is not when I get on my flight to Beijing, but now, as I prepare mentally and academically for this summer. My name is Harini (马海宁)and I am student at The College of William and Mary. I am an international relations major with an accounting minor hoping to one day work […]

Jared Bio!

Road Trip to Inner Mongolia (2006)

Hi everyone, my name’s Jared and I’m going to be studying at the Tsinghua University during the summer of 2013. I’d like to say I’m from NoVa but it really wouldn’t be the truth. I’ve lived overseas for the majority of my life. I’ve lived in Guyana, Hungary, Ethiopia, China, Morocco, and Virginia. I graduated […]

All about Kaye Benner (毕凯悦)

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你好,朋友们! 这是我的一个博客文章。我是毕凯悦! Hey Guys! My name is Kaye Benner. I’m a sophomore at William and Mary and currently in the process of getting my International Relations and Economics double-major. As a farm girl, I never had the opportunity to travel much, so you can imagine the anxiety I’m feeling about my plane taking off for […]

Colleen Slothouber Bio


大家好! My name is Colleen Slothouber (孙科凌)and I am a rising senior here at William and Mary (yikes!), with a major in Linguistics. I’ve been studying Chinese for five years now, since it was first offered in my junior year of high school. I’ve been looking forward to studying abroad since before I even started applying […]

Matt Ramsey Bio

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My name is Matt Ramsey (任民修), and I am currently a junior planning on majoring in English with a Chinese Minor.  From Lynchburg, Va, I went to an all male boarding school in Orange, Virginia.  I hope to teach English as a second language in China after I graduate through the Peace Corp or an […]

Adam’s Siegel’s Bio


My name is Adam Siegel and I am a Sophomore at the College of William and Mary. I am an average height blond male who has only ever lived with one person in college. As diverse as William and Mary is, my horizons are admittedly narrow. I come from the relatively homogenous state of Minnesota […]

Megan Wells Bio

This is me!

我的中文名字是卫美妍。我学中文。My English name is Megan Wells and I am a sophomore at the College of William & Mary. However, I am considering graduating a year early, and possibly do some travelling. For most of my life I have lived in Virginia, with a brief period living in South Carolina. I am the youngest of three kids […]

Leah Marty Bio


Hay guise My name’s Leah. I’m excited to study abroad in Beijing! 我的中文名字叫李娜。我很喜欢学习中国。

Maria Loverde’s Bio!


大家好!Hi everyone! My name is Maria Loverde. I am a sophomore and I plan on double majoring in International Relations and Chinese. I was born in Thailand and I lived there until I was ten years old. Then I lived in Burke, Virginia until I was fourteen. Before I entered high school, my father got a […]