Aleeya Ensign’s Bio


Prom and stuff 059大家好!我的中文名字是爱丽雅。我的专业是中文、中国文化。我也打算学习心理。我学了中文六年了。

Hello all!

My name is Aleeya Ensign.  I am a sophomore at the College of William & Mary.  I am a Chinese and Psychology double major.  I have been studying Chinese for six years.

I am a Northern Virginia native, Falls Church City.  My High School began to offer Chinese when I was in tenth grade.  I fell in love with the language and began to pursue it seriously, attending both Governor’s School for Chinese and a Summer study program in 台南,台湾 (TaiNan, TaiWan).

Aside from Chinese, I am interested in Psychology, and Theater.  I am a member of the William and Mary Choir.