Jonathan Morrisey’s Bio

Jonathan Morrisey你们好!我的中文名字是马君山。 For those of you who don’t read Chinese, welcome!  My name is Jonathan Morrisey, or Mǎ Jūnshān if you wish to know my Chinese name.  I am currently a freshman at the College of William and Mary, and plan to major in East Asian Studies.  I’ve taken around two years of Mandarin Chinese, but my connection to China extends much further back; at age five I traveled to China with my family to meet my youngest sister Michelle, and would later meet my other Chinese sister Jenna.  This connection is what has fueled my interests in both Chinese language and culture, which I see from my experiences as both incredibly similar to and different from the Western society in which I grew up.

On the topic of growing up, I originally came from the small rural town of Farmville, Virginia.  At around five, my family and I moved to the suburbs outside of Richmond, where I have lived until coming to William and Mary.  Though I’ve resided in Virginia my entire life, my family and I traveled much when I was a child.  I’ve made trips to Italy, Greece, Mexico multiple times, and, as mentioned before, China.  I hope that through this next trip to China, I can improve my language capabilities, as well as experience the culture for which I hold deep admiration and curiosity.

Outside of Chinese, I’m interested in science, technology, art, and history.  I enjoy playing soccer and swimming, as well as spending time with my family and my dogs.  I’ll also never be one to turn down good food, no matter the country of origin.