Maria Loverde’s Bio!

大家好!Hi everyone!

My name is Maria Loverde. I am a sophomore and I plan on double majoring in International Relations and Chinese. I was born in Thailand and I lived there until I was ten years old. Then I lived in Burke, Virginia until I was fourteen. Before I entered high school, my father got a job with the Department of Defense which caused my family to move to Cambodia. Since the high schools in Cambodia are not very good, I went to a boarding school in Switzerland for high school called The American School in Switzerland. Now, I still live in Cambodia but I spend most of the year here at school! I have one older sister who graduated from James Madison University. She will start working for the Peace Corps in China this summer so maybe I’ll get to see her while abroad.

I am extremely excited to study in China this summer! 我非常高兴去中国留学!As soon as I step off the plane in Beijing, I hope to find this.

Just kidding! Jackie Chan is probably too busy.