Jared Bio!

Inner Mongolian Road Trip (2006)

Hi everyone, my name’s Jared and I’m going to be studying at the Tsinghua University during the summer of 2013.

I’d like to say I’m from NoVa but it really wouldn’t be the truth.

I’ve lived overseas for the majority of my life. I’ve lived in Guyana, Hungary, Ethiopia, China, Morocco, and Virginia. I graduated from  the Rabat American School in Morocco during 2011, and am currently a sophomore at the College of William and Mary.

I’m double majoring in Global Studies (with a concentration in East Asian Studies) , and Chinese language. I’ve now taken Chinese for a total of two years, and am hoping to become moderately fluent by the end of this trip.

Some of the things that I really want to accomplish on this trip are gaining a much deeper insight to Chinese society, and figuring out how it really works. I also want to try loads of Chinese cuisine,  participate in some local activities, and of course like any tourist – visit those must see spots like the Great Wall, the Terracotta Warriors and several other destinations.

I’m extremely excited for this chance to be traveling to China once again, being as I only lived in China for one year (way too short). I’ll be keeping this blog writing about my daily adventures in the middle kingdom.